Friday, August 5, 2011

We are getting ink!

Today I had an interview with Angelle Barbazon of The Warren Sentinel.  I was unnecessarily anxious before the meeting - but all that nervous energy was put to good use getting the house cleaned up.  I totally remember why I didn't like journalism class my sophomore year in high school.  Yes - I enjoy writing but asking questions is definitely not my strong suit.  Angelle kept them coming and it felt really comfortable sitting down with her and talking.  Madeline Sumner made an appearance while dropping off some baby stuff.  The picture portion did not go as well.  We were hoping to get a family picture on the porch but my family had other ideas.  Zac was crying and trying to get out of my arms, Liam was tired and trying to get away from Tim, and Kyle couldn't stop fidgeting.  Then Angelle asked me to sit at the computer and type while she photographed me.  That was hard - I definitely don't like getting my picture taken!  And Kyle was jumping up and down next to me and then Liam was climbing on my lap.  So it was very true to life - that is usually what's happening when I am trying to get something done.  Good thing they are so cute! 

The article is to appear in the August 18th issue.  My mom wants me to get copies for everyone.  I am really excited about the coverage and hope this gets more people helping out.  When I mentioned my desire to do a joint drive with McAlister's Deli to benefit the Warren County Animal Shelter, Angelle was excited as her boyfriend is the adoption coordinator.  I am still working on Tim to rescue another dog . . . we will get there eventually!  I know all I have to do is get him there and he will melt and give in.  

I am heading to Elizabeth Badin's to decorate boxes tonight for C-CAP and then I will try to get them around town on Saturday and Monday.  Angelle is going to meet with us at Front Royal Federal Credit Union to photograph us setting up the boxes.  I will have all three boys with me so we will see how this goes!

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