Saturday, August 20, 2011

Collecting, Collecting, Collecting

I have been getting lots of things from my amazing friends.  I just took a couple of boxes of clothes and a box of food to C-CAP yesterday and it is so nice that people are helping out.  What used to just be dropped off at Goodwill (and end up who knows where) is now going to help the people in our community directly.  I will be picking up the boxes of food from their current locations early next week and bringing them to C-CAP.  I would love suggestions for other box locations.  I know McAlister's Deli will have one.  I will also be contacting Gold's Gym again.  

I am excited to have our fundraiser/drive for the Warren County Humane Society on Monday night!  The boys and I are going to bring fliers around today to the Pet Stores.  It will be challenging to do with all three boys but we have a birthday party this afternoon so it is my only time to do it! 

The article in the Warren Sentinel got pushed back due to space issues so I will post the PDF once it is going to print.  While I felt nervous about it before - I am now kind of excited!  And Kyle was getting his own face out lately.  I put his act of kindness onto and he was picked as Kid of the Day!  It was a very good way to reinforce how it feels to do nice things for others.  Kyle on Sprout

I am looking forward to working with Andi Robinson (aka Front Royal Mom) on the September Women's Walk for C-CAP.   We are hoping to organize a diaper drive as well but I am still waiting to hear back from the Pregnancy Center to see what kinds of things they could use.  

School starts soon and I am excited to get some alone time with Liam - as well as some alone time for me!  Zac and Kyle love school and it is always good to have a routine.  I don't know where the Summer of Giving will end up but it will definitely go beyond summer!

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