Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Humane Society Fundraiser Night!

Last night was the fundraiser at McAlister's Deli benefiting the Humane Society of Warren County.  There was a great combination of going to eat somewhere good with vegetarian options, going out to eat without the kids and for a good cause, and the beautiful summer weather that had me in really high spirits.  And then I walked into this:

Yeah - we already knew McAlister's was awesome - but this was incredible!  And then I got to meet Tammy Darr and we discussed the shelter, their needs, possibly fostering or adopting another dog (someday) and getting the Shelter to do a safety talk for kids to be around animals.  It was so nice!  I am definitely looking forward to working with the Humane Society more in the future.  

I totally took advantage of the opportunity to eat outside at McAlister's on the patio.  It was gorgeous and my Ole Spud (with veggie chili) was amazing.  I found some great company in Michelle Liston and Heather Peschon and their adorable children and by the time I went home (with my car windows down and the music just a little too loud) I was feeling great.  There is something to be said in incorporating time out with friends and doing a little good for you community to really put you in a fantastic mood.

I also went and picked up the C-CAP boxes today.  The boxes at the two branches of the Front Royal Federal Credit Union did not have any donated items in them.  The boxes at Blue Ridge Barber Shop and Samuels Public Library did have a good amount of items in them!  I will be photographing those and then running them over to C-CAP tomorrow.  I will be looking for new locations for them starting tomorrow or Thursday.  

So the earthquake - totally had to mention that, right?  If anyone has suggestions for not scary presentations about safety - I would love to hear about them.  There is a fine line between being prepared for a disaster and scaring your children and being completely paranoid. 

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