Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week 4 - Secret Rock Delivery

Today was the day for placing the rocks around town.  After tying notes on all the rocks that read:  "Hope your day ROCKS" and "Have a ROCKIN' 4th!", I loaded up the rocks, boys, water and snacks and we headed out.  Kyle was super concerned with it all being a secret mission.  He was sure the elderly men with canes at the Gazebo were going to see where we put the rocks and it would not be a secret anymore.  Kyle is so thoughtful and was really excited that we were doing an egg hunt for other people "and they don't even know it!".  We left rocks around the gazebo and train on Main Street then headed to the Triangle Playground to leave the other half.  It was fun to see kids finding the rocks and showing their parents.  Some parents wouldn't let their kids take them, but I didn't want to interfere.  I am sure they have very good reasons for it!  I know cringe at the idea of one more happy meal toy or dollar store buy coming into our house.  Zac and Liam were not interested in leaving rocks anywhere - but they also weren't collecting them, throwing them, or taking the notes or googly eyes off.  I was very proud of them for that!

I am glad to have this rock adventure over.  Kyle wants to paint a big rock to give to our neighbors to put in their garden which I think is such a sweet idea.  Our neighbors have always been so wonderful to us and it would be a great way to show our appreciation.  I just need to find out how to do it without the washable paint coming off in the rain.

It is Week 5 now and I get to brainstorm about how to fit something in between family visiting, doctor's appointments, meetings and going out of town.  I remember the days when I had two kids and was not so busy.  Even though I have a lot more going on now, it seems easier to make time to play with the kids.  Zac loves doing puzzles, Kyle loves playing board games, and Liam just likes to play.  They are each so different and so amazing and I am truly an unbelievably lucky Mom!

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