Thursday, July 7, 2011

Super Busy Week 5

I have been so busy this week!  I loved almost every minute of it.  And there is more fun to come!  We started the week by spreading the rocks around town which was so fun.  We had family in town and a had a great time visiting a friend's house where my children learned the joy of pyrotechnics.  I was excited to see them no longer afraid of fireworks but they totally had a gleam in their eyes watching things explode.  Oh the joys of having boys!  

Not so fun parts included Zac starting the 4th of July off by throwing up after breakfast and my starting the day after with blood work.  I tend to keep my doctor on his toes with my medical mysteries.  

Wednesday we had a nice parade of friends over.  My friend Julie brought her three boys (yes - 6 boys in my little house - always fun).  I had made a dinner for a friend through our wonderful MOMS in Need program.  Meghann stopped by with her daughter Ruby and new baby Eloise to pick up the meal.  It was great to get a newborn baby fix in (without the c-section) and I enjoy returning the favor of having to use the MOMS in Need program twice.  The first time after Liam was born and the second time after my heart procedure.  Its amazing what a quick visit and a meal delivery does when you have been out of commission.  I have great friends!  

My friend Jess visited too!  It felt great to see her again after so many years and she got to witness a day in the life.  She played Yahtzee with Kyle and I and watched Kyle play video games and Zac do puzzles (over and over) and Liam fall apart about nothing in particular.  I was hoping to get out with her to catch up without little ears listening and asking about everything that was said but Tim had car trouble and went to his dad's garage to work it out.  I am totally planning on doing it again even if I have to have someone watch the kids!  I was thinking about how it was probably weird to see me as a Mom when the last time we hung out we were just drinking.  But it would be weird for me to go to work with her and watch her as a nurse.  I wonder if I can arrange that . . . .

So I was kind of panicking about getting some giving in this week.  We are all heading to Pennsylvania today and won't be back until Saturday night.  So Sunday the boys and I will be making stepping stones to bring to the neighbors.  I am really excited about it and I know they will love it.  They have always helped us out whether it is gardening tips or helping to shovel in the blizzard when I was 9 months pregnant.  I would really love to foster a sense of neighborliness [can't believe that's a real word!] with the kids and Tim is totally vetoing the block party idea.

We love visiting Pennsylvania.  My Mom and stepdad live in Lancaster and there is so many fun things to do with the kids.  This weekend we are hitting Dutch Wonderland which is an amusement park for kids.  You better believe I will be getting tons of pictures!   Off to pack up the Rhinoceros (aka my big gray van).

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