Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fortunate Events

I went on a rampage yesterday cleaning out stuff in the boys closets.  I ended up going through toys, books and stuffed animals . . . again.   And we still have so much stuff!  It feels good to clean out, even though its not obvious that I was getting rid of so much because most of it was out of sight.  But nonetheless - I feel better!  
I had some baby items from a MOMS Club Member, Julie G., that C-CAP couldn't take so I decided to run it over to Goodwill with all my stuff.  After loading all the baby stuff into the big red cart, I wheeled most of the items into the store.  I was all smiles walking up to the counter (because I love getting rid of things) and the cashier said, very rudely, "You need to go around back.  We can't take that much up here.  And we can't take most of that stuff anyways."  I was shocked.  Its not a big deal if they cannot accept a bassinet because of possible recalls but to be so rude and turn me away like that?  Plus I made a huge delivery several weeks ago and was received very well and even had someone offer to help me at my car.  But - on a totally positive note - there was a group of people at the register.  A woman said "If you are just donating, I have a friend who is pregnant and has nothing.  She doesn't know how she is going to afford everything."  We talked some and I brought everything back outside and reloaded my van.  I followed the family to a house in town and helped unload everything there.  I gave them my contact information and explained about the wonderful, thoughtful MOMS in our MOMS Club of Front Royal.  I let her know that we have had a mix of baby boys and baby girls and we have infants, toddlers, and preschoolers and so we have a wide variety of things to get rid of.
It felt so amazing to be able to offer help face to face.  I hope I get to meet her friend who is due at the end of December.  Being pregnant is a wonderful experience.  But it is such a time for doubts.  You are growing a baby - starting a life!  As if that weren't daunting enough - you have to take care of your baby and all the expenses that come with it.  Most moms could get by with the bare necessities but once you have that little bundle, you just want to give them the world.  Hopefully by providing this soon-to-be Mommy with the necessities, we can take some of the stress off.  Pregnancy and new parenthood are stressful enough!  And the amount of diapers your little darling goes through is enough to make anyone cry.  
I am asking all our members for help and will possibly establish something in the future with The Pregnancy Center to help pregnant women get the gear they need. 

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  1. Katie that stinks....I'm apart of the MOMS group too I'll have to see what I have for you but I think I have something else to offer the Pregnancy Center. I'll have to contact them.