Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adventures in Stepping Stones

I told myself several times to open the box of stepping stones to read the instructions and check out the supplies before we were actually going to make them.  Of course I didn't do that.  We had fun doing the mixing and Kyle wasn't nearly as daunted by me at the idea of making the stones.  They give you these "gems" and other things to put in the stone but they don't tell you how to do any of it.  They show cute hand-prints and writing but again don't tell you how to do it.  And I am definitely not crafty and I am certainly not going to start looking up stepping stones on (again).  So we improvised and broke one but did another to hopefully come out tomorrow that we can paint and take to the neighbors.  They are so sweet - I know that they will love it and I am so glad that Kyle thought of the idea to make them one!

I did read a lot about using regular cement to make stepping stones with lots of options.  I think it sounds like fun and would probably be sturdier than the kit we used.  So I am hoping my crafty friends will help me tackle that (hint hint hint!).

I am looking at another busy week - and I am soooooo excited to participate in the Women's Walk for C-CAP of Front Royal/Warren County on Friday July 15.  I adore this organization and I am very fond of this town and relish any chance I get to walk it.  I definitely haven't been getting out as much as I want to.  This will be a great chance to socialize, get a little workout and some fresh air with friends!  

I have to plan something for this week . . . maybe we will bring baked goods to the fire department.  Zac doesn't have school on Fridays and I could bring all the boys along.  Kyle keeps saying "Are you sure I can go down the pole at the fire house?".  I don't know if fire departments even have poles - but I am sure they are super tall and Kyle would be too scared to try.  Which is totally okay with me!  

Actual cat after actually climbing down
I had to call the fire department several months ago because a cat was caught very high up in a tree across the street.  I felt so silly but called saying "Do you really rescue cats from trees?"  The truck showed up and as soon as they came to a stop the little stinker scrambled down the tree.  She had been up there crying for the entire day - only managing to climb higher.  Then she came over to me acting like she was my cat.  I. Am. A. Dog. Person.  My Charlie would never climb a tree and make me call the fire department.  Talk about a drama queen. 

Anyways - fire fighters are incredible people (the ones that aren't arsonists) and they totally deserve thanks from the community.  Maybe I will make dinner or something to bring them . . . . we will see where the week takes us!

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