Thursday, July 28, 2011

C-CAP Food Pantry Vitually Empty!

I was wondering what to do this week for my Summer of Giving with family in town and hosting a party this weekend.  And then C-CAP posted on Facebook that their food pantry is nearly empty and they put out the call for help.  Its easy for everyone to remember that some families are hungry during the holidays when there is lots of consumption.  And with all the consumption everywhere - there are lots of food donation boxes sprinkled around town.  But people are hungry year-round. And some children are not able to get the two meals they usually get during school.  

On a recent visit to Kyle's new elementary school, I saw a sign posted in the Cafeteria.  During summer school, the cafeteria offers free lunch for anyone under 18.  And anyone over 18 can get lunch there for $2.60.  Its such a generous program - but I don't know who takes advantage of it.  They kept offering us lunch while we were there . . . I am not a fan of cafeteria food so I decided on a pizza from Anthony's.  What a difference it can make in a family's life - knowing their kids can get free lunch 24 times in the summer!

I am definitely answering the call for help at C-CAP. I adore that organization and would love to help them in as many ways as possible.  I am excited to have McAlister's Deli helping out with this.  They are having their Free Tea Day today and the wonderful Heather Ricks was excited at the idea of me asking friends to bring non-perishables to donate.   I will be dropping off a box for donations and will be picking them up to bring tomorrow to C-CAP between 9 and 12.  I am also asking everyone to bring canned goods tomorrow to Tim's birthday.  And asking friends to leave items on our porch.  I am hoping we can make a difference! 

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  1. wow that is so neat about the lunch! is that for open to everyone? maybe we could do a moms club lunch or something!