Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paging Dr. House

Totally hunky but that apple a day thing is not working
Amidst my super full calendar lately I have sprinkled lots of doctors appointments.  I am trying to use these moments to appreciate the people around me in our community.  I was grumpy with a tummy full of barium, waiting for my CT scan, when a patient came in loudly giving advice on her cell phone.  She wasn't paying attention when her name was called and was starting to get an attitude with the woman helping her.  The woman behind the desk was wonderful!  She was so nice and understanding without feeding into the "everyone's fault but your own" attitude.  She ended up making the patient much happier and I was totally inspired.  I am normally a positive person.  I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.  On a regular day I would like to think that I would have realized that no one wants to be at the hospital for tests on a beautiful Friday afternoon.  If you are there in the imaging department, its usually not for a good reason.  But that afternoon I definitely wanted to "accidentally" trip the woman as she was pacing back on forth on her phone.  I wonder if any attorneys have tried the "Barium made me do it" defense.  
I was excited to attend the C-CAP Fundraiser at McAlister's Deli after my CT scan.  I thought I would be happy and feeling good and ready for a light dinner before attending the Women's Walk for C-CAP.  Unfortunately my stomach had other ideas.  As did my darling husband and children.  The kids were falling apart at McAlister's.  Zac and Liam were happily eating until Zac got a chip that had touched a pickle (I know - its hard for me too!) and then he just kept handing me my bag to try and get me to leave.  Liam was upset that he was strapped in a high chair and not running around with a soda. Kyle was just being 5 and unable to decide if he wanted to be there or not.  And Tim was quietly threatening the children that they would never eat a cookie for the rest of their lives if they did not eat the dinner in front of them.  On a high note I ran into my friend Heather there and it was nice to see a smiling face!  On the way home I realized that I was not going to be doing the Women's Walk for C-CAP after all.
Yesterday was wonderful though!  I got to sneak away with my Charlie and go for a walk around town.  My afternoon was terrible with stomach pain but we did manage to do the pool at the 4H Center in the evening and the kids had a great time.  The pool has amazing mountain views and is on the 4H campus and yesterday the horses were out.  Pretty hard to not feel good in the that environment! 
So I am waiting to hear from my doctor with a miracle cure for my stomach pain and I just registered Kyle for kindergarten and took over as president of the MOMS Club of Front Royal and I am trying to fit in some giving.  Kyle finished the Stepping Stone for the neighbors but I think they have been out of town.  Their cars seem to be gone a lot and I want to bring them the stone with the boys so they can enjoy the "giving".  Our next door neighbors are two sisters and they have a beautiful garden and are so wonderful.  
I was planning on doing something for the fire department this week and I am having a hard time finding time to get anything done!  Probably a breakfast cake and some cookies or muffins.  I would welcome suggestions!

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