Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week 3 - Delivery for Labor & Delivery

This week was so busy - I kept thinking it was a day later than it really was and yet still did not realize that the end of the week was approaching and that I should get baking.  I made mini muffins to bring to the Labor & Delivery department at Warren Memorial Hospital yesterday.  Many thanks to Belinda Hardesty who made some amazing gluten free banana bread muffins.  She wrapped them up so nicely that I couldn't even sneak one!  I had a great time decorating the box for all the muffins and getting covered in Elmer's glue.

I took Zac with me on the delivery and he was so sweet and excited.  We were escorted to Labor & Delivery and received with welcome arms - literally!  Hugs!  It was so sweet.  Zac turned on the charm without saying a word and it felt so good to thank these wonderful women.  (Pictures to come when I get over my bad luck with cameras.)

I started this with the idea of reinforcing giving and community for my children but I feel like I am growing and learning with the experience.  I am definitely not an outgoing person but I find myself talking to more people and enjoying the people around me.  I have always tried to remember to thank everyone that helps in any way.  I am even cheerful to the cashiers at Walmart when they send me death glares for having them bag with my reusable grocery bags.  Kill em with kindness - right? 

As a mom, you generally don't get the positive feedback that would make the job much easier.  I used to work at this great law firm, Farrell & Croft, P.C., and the attorneys were wonderful about thanking me, telling me that I was doing great, and encouraging me.  I miss them on a regular basis and remember so much that I learned from my years working there.  It took me a while adjusting to being a mom - Kyle was a fussy baby and I wasn't getting much in the way of "Thanks Mom - way to handle that diaper blowout!".  Luckily - I have these amazing little boys who are very affectionate and I try to remember to appreciate the little moments.  I also have incredible parents who tell me I am doing great.  I am hoping that our Summer of Giving will be the little moments for the people who do so much for our town. 

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