Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This seems to take a lot of planning . . . .

I am coming to realize that I need to do some more planning for this.  I am excited with future ideas like bringing kids from the MOMS Club to do a costume parade at a local retirement home, with the kids delivering their artwork and baked goodies.  I am planning on getting some friends together to do a Drop in and Decorate party and then bringing the cookies to the local shelter and also doing a drive with McAlister's to raise money for the animal shelter and collect blankets, towels, and pet food.  But all this takes some leg work on my part.  Not a big deal, not a lot of work, but I just have to think about it and then do it.  And for some reason time is moving quickly.  We are in the middle of week 4 and I don't have anything ready!  Well, the kids and I have been working on painting rocks and making other (hopefully) durable artwork that we can leave around town.  I think we will be doing that this week.  It is actually fun and Kyle says things like "Wow Mom - you are doing great!" and "Remember it doesn't have to be perfect" so I am enjoying putting it all together.  Especially when my trouble making darling Liam is napping.  Then I am not having to rescue paint and stickers and beans from being spread all over the house.  
One idea I am going to have to push on my husband is doing a potluck block party with our neighbors.  He swears he only likes 2 of our neighbors but we don't know the others!  I think it will be a good way to reinforce community with the kids and get to know the neighbors better.  People are usually on their best behavior at a neighborhood gathering and if something  does go wrong, it will be probably have us laughing later.  I figure I can talk him into it if I suggest getting new sand for the horseshoe pits and having his father bring the corn hole boards over.  Yeah - corn hole and horseshoes.  It will be one of those parties.  But I definitely think it could be fun.  

We are still planning on recognizing the firefighters and the library although I would like some creative ideas in addition to the baking.  I love my new mini muffin pan so I am excited to use it again.  But it is definitely getting old for the kids.  Okay - maybe its getting a little old for me too - but only because I only have one mixer/mixer bowl, one oven and no dishwasher. 

I would love to hear any other suggestions.  I know you all are crafty and thoughtful so it would be great if you could share the wealth!  Just post a comment below --  Thanks!

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