Sunday, June 12, 2011


First Rocks
I have been trying to brainstorm ways to give this summer without stressing our budget or my sanity.  I also want it to be something hands on for the kids.  Luckily I have the MOMS Club of Front Royal which is an endless supply of crafty ideas that I would never think to do.  Friday's activity day was a trip to the boat launch to collect nature items and do a collage.  I only had Liam and neither one of us was feeling well so I wasn't planning on doing much of anything - just enjoying the company and being outside.  But then those crafty women and children rubbed off on me and I collected some rocks and shells and some silly looking plants and decided to wash everything at home and make pet rocks with the kids.  Unfortunately, it was one of those days when my creativity had gone the way of my math abilities.  So to prove to my kids that I don't have to Google everything I started painting hoping that inspiration would strike.  After painting one rock black (yeah - black) I painted another  with golden glitter paint.  What goes with golden glitter paint?  Nothing except sparkly stickers and pretend jewels . . .  I decided that I should just take the gold rock back to the river and pretend that I had never taken it.  I thought that it would actually be funny to come across a painted rock someplace unexpected.  That's when I decided to paint tons of rocks with the kids.  Making some into pets and some into space ships or aliens or cars or anything that we can imagine them to be.  I will be doing some pre-planning so I can collect enough rocks and get enough ideas.  But then our we are going to leave rocks in random places.  Down by the river, at Target, on park benches and slides, and anywhere else we might go.  I am really excited and debating leaving notes with them like:  Hope your day rocks!

This week we will be delivering baked goods to the police department.  Kyle has a fear of the police ever since he and his friend called 911 and I keep explaining all the good the FRPD does for the community.  Just 2 weeks ago the power had gone out in part of the town and the police were standing outside in the 95 degree heat directing traffic.  I would have loved to have brought them cold beers then but I am hoping they will settle for baked goods now.  I started baking today (brown sugar oat muffins and chocolate chip cookies) and will finish baking tomorrow (apple struessel muffins and oatmeal raisin cookies).  I am hoping to deliver everything Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.  Kyle is very sure that he is not going . . . . even taking it so far as not to help with the baking.  I will not force my kids to help with the preparations - I am just trying to make it fun and not stressful.  They will go with me on deliveries though.  Mostly because they cannot stay home alone but also because I want them to see how good it feels to show appreciation to others.  If even one person is a little bit happier because of something we were able to do - then we have succeeded.  Maybe it won't sink in for the kids today - but it will at some point!  

I think this is the reason for this blog . . . to document my thoughts and experiences along the way.  I keep having moments of doubt - am I crazy?  Will I really be making a difference?  Will people think I am just a kooky lady who drags her kids along to do crazy things?  I am sure that some people will think that I am nuts.  I am sure that some weeks will be better than others.  But I have a supportive family who are encouraging me along the way.  I have three little boys who I adore.  I want them to appreciate the people outside of their family.  To know that we live in a community that is more than just a zip code.  Everyday people are working hard at the library, the police station, the fire department, the hospital.  We have playgrounds we love to go to, a river we get to enjoy, national parks nearby, the caverns and swimming pools and the little ice cream stand around the corner.  If the kids can appreciate what we do have - maybe the fact that we can't buy the $50 Star Wars Lego set won't seem like such a tragedy. . . . a girl can hope!

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