Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to help after Sandy - really really help

Today I read this awesome Facebook status update from some awesome, crazy women I adore. 

I am so not on top of this screen shot stuff but I wanted to get you all the info.  Please help in any way you can!  Something as simple as picking up an extra $10 worth of groceries (things that are ready to eat would probably help most.  We don't know if cooking  is an option).  Coats that you or your kids don't wear (seriously - you know you have some you won't fit in, don't like the color of, don't wear often, is so last year).  Towels (Target and Walmart have surprisingly nice towels that are inexpensive).  Imagine needing diapers or formula or hand soap.  Think of things that you would bring to be comfortable camping:  those facial wipes (I love Simple brand), granola bars, toys and games to keep the kids busy and to keep you all sane.  These people need us.  Please help however you can. 

Check out Rants from Mommyland's awesome blog here.  And enjoy.  You're welcome.  

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