Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter of Losing?

Since joining the MOMS Club of Front Royal more than 2 years ago, I have received tons of great advice.  Mostly kid-related advice, but I also was given recipes, talks about conflict resolution, financial discussions and daily things like how to get a tube of Desitin off of every surface in your child’s room.  Never once did these tips make me feel like an inadequate MOM or person.  Somehow these amazing friends of mine always left me feeling better than when I came.  But I still have a hard time when it comes to me!  Having gained and lost weight with pregnancies (and without) I thought that after losing the baby weight with Liam that I was in the clear.  No more babies – no more baby weight.  No more seeing numbers on the scale that make me grumpy. But when I stopped nursing and started stress-eating I gained weight very quickly.  So rather than ask for tips about eating healthy and exercising (because I know how to do it) – I decided to ask about achievements they had made.  Whether in fitness or weight loss or career or making another change in their life – I wanted to get their story.

Before starting this year's program for the MOMS Club of Front Royal Biggest Loser 2012, I e-mailed a list of questions to my family and also to friends who have small businesses or busy careers, people who have lost a lot of weight or have found a way to put themselves, and their health, as a priority.  In other words – people I admire!  I haven’t yet asked our MOMS Club because I think that would be part of our challenge this year.  I have already started receiving some tips and the various responses are great!  Everyone is different and people approach goals and changes differently.  And I am learning so much about my family!  I wouldn’t think to ask questions like these at a family reunion or while on a long-distance phone call – but this has turned out to be more than just advice for achieving goals – it is helping me get to know my extended family and my friends better. 

Here are the questions that I asked – feel free to send me a message with your answers! 
  • What was something that you accomplished in your life that you did for yourself?
  • Did you set a specific goal and how did you reach for it?
  • Were there specific steps you had to make to get there?
  • Did you receive any words of wisdom from another person or have a personal mantra?
  • How did you deal with set backs and obstacles?
  • As you neared your goal - did you find you had to adjust it?
  • Looking back was there anything you would have done differently?

See how ready I am?

So, since I am now faced with losing 30 pounds AGAIN - I have decided to use this blog as a way to track my progress.  This was a great forum to hold myself accountable for my Summer of Giving project and now I will hopefully achieve health success with it as well!  

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