Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Helping out the Williams Family

The last couple weeks have been really busy for me and unfortunately not with this blog.  We did have the Women's Walk for C-CAP on Saturday night hosted by Andi Robinson.  It was such a great time and I met some amazing women.  We started at Vino e Formaggio and had a wine tasting and some fantastic beers.  We stopped in at Wine & Duck (because it was raining and Stonewall Jackson was a little too far in a cold rain) and then ended the night at Lucky Star Lounge.  I got my first hangover in 5+ years.  I look forward to going out with these ladies again!  Although this time without the hangover : )

One of the really incredible women I met was Marlie Roberts Walden.   She is a teacher at Warren County Middle School and leads the Builders Club there.  She is running a booth at the Festival of Leaves on Saturday October 8th (at 44 Chester Street).  Their booth will have baked goods and will be collecting donations for a local family, the Williams.  The Williams family has three children and one of their 7 year old twins has a brain tumor.  He has been in the hospital for months and the family is obviously in need of assistance.  Marlie told me that their family is so happy and in such good spirits but neither parent is working right now so that they can be with their son down at Children's Hospital at UVA.  If you would like to help out - please stop by their booth on Saturday at 44 Chester Street and give a donation that will go 100% to the Williams family.  Marlie is paying for the booth and all the baked goods are being donated by the Builders club.

I am excited to finally host a play date tomorrow where we will be putting together a dried soup mix with the kids to donate to the C-CAP food pantry.  Andi Robinson and I have also been asked to talk at the C-CAP Dinner on Monday October 10th.  Trying to figure out how to talk about what we have been doing with C-CAP!  I thought doing a newspaper article was difficult - now I have to try public speaking?  At least I get to wear heels . . .

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  1. Take it from a veteran, you can only avoid the hangover with practice! I had a fantastic time as well, thank you! Also, terrified for public speaking! Do you mind if I use the part about Marlie and the Williams family on The FroRo I Know?