Thursday, November 24, 2011


Wow! I came on here to post about the holidays and saw that I have gotten over 1000 page views!  Pretty exciting for something I figured my Mom might read.  I have amazing friends and family and I have even made some new ones through this blog. 

I am really, extra thankful this year.  As usual, we have had our ups and downs, but our family is strong and happy and healthy - and we will be together in our house for Thanksgiving dinner.  I am happy for the family that will be joining us for dinner and missing the ones who aren't.  You are all in our thoughts and we wish you the best Thanksgiving!  Hope your stomachs get so full that you have to wear elastic and you share lots of laughs and hugs and terrible jokes.  Hope your journeys are safe and that you are counting down the days until Christmas too! 

I am thankful for all my guys:  Tim (my husband who adores me even when I am grumpy and splattered with flour), Charlie - my puppy who will never grow old, Kyle (my 5 year old who never stops questioning things and has such a thirst for life and Star Wars), Zac (fan of hats and the alphabet who will say Mama someday), and Liam (the ham who is quick with a smile and laugh and keeps his brothers together). 

I am thankful for all my friends I have made in the last couple of years and all the old friends who I am have reconnected with thanks to that thing we all love to hate - Facebook.  I am thankful to the MOMS Club of Front Royal for teaching me how to be a better Mom and person without making me feel like I wasn't good enough in the first place. 

I am thankful for hot showers and dark coffee.  Slimy kisses and big hugs from my little boys.  I am thankful for this adopted hometown that has made me feel like part of a community and is a place I am proud to raise my kids!  I am thankful for our State and National parks where I can hike with my kids and we can all feel accomplished (even if it was only a half mile).  I am thankful for my kids' teachers who give and care unconditionally (and tell me how amazing my kids are).  
I am thankful for my gigantic family who has been supportive and wonderful and has always had faith in me even when I didn’t.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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